Nanty Bwch School

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  • Can anyone confirm whether Ray Prosser and Ken Tippings are on this photograph? They taught me at Dukestown junior school in the 1960s so a bit later than this photograph

    By Denise Franks (07/01/2018)
  • Mum (Hazel Cook then) went here, left at 12 in 1937, she remembers a teacher called Mr Jones, who always carried a ruler which he was very handy with!

    By Frank Sage (31/01/2017)
  • Teacher seated in front row on left hand side is Mr Prosser(also known as Barney Prosser) He was a very good,strict teacher with a low deep deep voice.He used to live in one of the houses at the bottom of Ashvale on the bend opposite Meredith’s shoe shop.Happy memories

    By robert westacott (15/10/2015)

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